Bench Dog Router Plane $99.99 at Rockler ENDED

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Sale starts March 28th.

The Router Plane is listed at $139.95, but goes on sale for $99.99 on Thursday, March 28 and ends Wednesday, April 24th.

The flyer I got in the mail has a bunch of items, but also a coupon on the cover for an additional $25 off your order over $100 which includes sale items (code RV257334). The coupon expires Thursday, April 18th.

If I'm reading the flyer correctly, you could buy a small item to bump your order over $100 and apply the code to get it even cheaper.



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Maybe add in a spare blade?
Spare Blade for Bench Dog Router Plane

(code RV257334) $99.99 + $19.99 - $25 = $94.99?

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Ooops, maybe a plane sock ($9.97) instead:

Then, going down this rabbit hole a bit further, I found several on Amazon for under $45 and all looked as capable as this one (Amazon has for $139 inclusive of delivery for PRIME members).

THen, I came upon Paul Seller's page on Router Planes and thought to share his vison and results: The best router plane is born
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I have one. Really changed my view. It works great. But then I got the K-M one and I like it much better. Much more expensive of course. I think the OEM sells the K-M plane on the Chinese sites cheaper.
Not sure B-D blade steel is top notch, but in a router it does not really matter. If you have never used a router plane, as many machine workers have not, get it! Or like I do, I keep a large base on mine just for cleaning up tenons and use the K-M for more detailed stuff.

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