Barn Wood Rescue Effort


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Some of us may be aware of the "derecho" storm that wreaked havoc on Cedar Rapids IA a couple weeks ago.
I've been in contact with a good friend up there. Knowing i'm interested in woodworking, he asked if I could use some 100 to 200 year old barn wood. It seems many were blown flat in the storm and they're looking to burn the debris.

I'm not sure how best to attack a situation like that but it seems we might be able to mount a "rescue" effort. I'm thinking something like a small caravan of trucks to some of retrieve it. There are some 12" x 12" beams there...

Then there's the issue of storage. Does any of this make sense?? My friend says he'll take some photos...


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A nice idea but not practical. Post his pictures.

Probably not a very doable undertaking from NC. How will the "caravan" get those huge beams back to NC? Cedar Rapids is about !,000 miles from NC.



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Might be better / easier to just use a service to get them down here, not sure if financially viable, but nice thing is you could just do a free quote and see on the website. It's a quantity thing too, if you get enough of them it might be worth it.

Or have a POD service and fill it there and ship it here.

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