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I had a circle jig for my old bandsaw that I would say cut perfect circles. I sold the old bandsaw and upgraded to a bigger bandsaw and the old jig went into the firepit. I made another circle jig to fit the new bandsaw. I noticed when I cut a circle that the final cut seems to be flat. Basically, 98% of the circle is fine but the last bit of the cut seems flat. I check to make sure that the point of the nail sits just in front of the gullet of the blade but still the cut seems flat just before the cut is complete. Suggestions?



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Kurt it might help to see your jig.
I made a simple one with a Brad nail (clipped off) and a scrap chip (wafer) board. I used it recently and made a 16” and then a 17” lazy Susan.
It might help also if you can post a picture of what “flat” looks like.
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When I prep my blanks I always offset my pivot hole from the edge slightly, maybe add ~1/32" - 1/16" to the radius so I have to deflect the blade slightly to get the blank onto the pin. If the blade is sharp it will correct over the course of the cut and I get perfect circles.

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I bought the Carter circle cutter. Had to re engineer the attachment design to fit my USA built Delta bandsaw. After that it works fine. The only problem is it's time consuming to set it up. Now! You're talking to an old Shopsmith guy I'm use to setting up machines. When I say it's time consuming I'm not kidding. Putting it on the saw is not the problem, it's adjusting the accuracy is were the time is. Normally I cut my bowl blanks free hand.

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