Attn: Turners! Excellent estate sale Aug 23 in Sandy Ridge NC

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As some of you are aware, I am a bit of a scrounger of all items tool and woodworking related. OK, more than a bit... Closer to an auger than a bit actually, but I digress.

In my scrounging activities I have come across the following auction listing, which I think might appeal to many of our esteemed members, and probably to a bunch of the rest of you as well. And because I'm such a magnanimous, giving sort—who doesn't do any turning, or you guys would be SOL—I am making the membership aware of the event.

Here is a link to the image gallery for the auction:

You can easily navigate your way back to the details of the auction from that page, but you'll want to look at the pictures first.

The estate is of someone named Dean Amos; I do not know if he was a member here, but his work was quite sophisticated, and his tooling collection and wood stash were even more so. The auction takes place on Saturday August 23 in Sandy Ridge, which is very close to the Virginia border directly north of a line bisecting Winston Salem and Greensboro. Wind speeds may rea...

Sorry; not sure what happened there. Anyway, you should check it out, as there is some stuff I KNOW people here will want, including lots of bowl blanks, exotics, burls, all kinds of lathe tooling, carving gear, etc.



Bill Clemmons

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Man, I hate it when you are so magnanimous. That auction is way too close to me, and there are several items that are just screaming, "Come for me! Come for me!" I sure hope LOML has other plans for me that day. :wconfused:

Seriously, if you look closely at the pics there are some hidden treasures hiding in the background. A lot more than just turning stuff.


That noise you heard was my jaw hitting the keyboard...

Bill is right there is a LOT of good stuff in there! (turning and other stuff!)

Guy in Paradise

Guy Belleman
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Glad I will be unable to make that sale. I would think that some of the folks that great on renovating tools could get that Wadkin Bursgreen table saw cheap and make it look like new.


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I actually purchased some of the burl wood from this estate over a year ago. there was more than I could afford to buy & I paid close to full value for what I got.


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My auction experience was that anything that half decent (tools) would go for retail or ebay price, oh well, wish I could make it,
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