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Know this was mentioned as a part of another thread but wanted to be sure everyone was aware of this. Mid West Tool Collectors Association is a national organization with over 3000 members for those that collect, use and just appreciate antique/traditional primarily hand woodworking tools such as planes, saws, etc. etc. To promote local activity, we have local and national meetings where you can buy and sell tools, meet others that share this interest and hear a program or see demonstrations of interest. In NC, we typically hold 3 a year, 1 in Graham, Bethania and the one that is coming up in Raleigh on September 17. National website at

The Raleigh meeting has been going on for over 30 years. Covid did result in cancelling this meeting the last two years but we are "go" to continue this annual tradition on the 17th.
MWTCA wants people to join our association yet at the same time feel we need to let perspective members "kick the tires" and see what we are all about. So if you are interested in attending, please let me know and I will send you information as well as a pre registration form (required). Please let others know as well that share our interests.

We are expecting to have as many as 50 tables setup under the tent or just tailgating under the trees with all kinds of tools for sale. This meeting we will have a demonstration of foot powered scroll saws and a foot powered treadle lathe. Below is a link to a video on the two scroll saws as well as a video on the meeting itself that was taken a few years ago.

Scroll saw video on YouTube
Meeting video
Please note the meeting video was done back when we had this meeting in hot July so it is not that light at 6 am now in September.

Let me know if you have any questions!! Thanks Ed Hobbs

Mike Davis

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I have to teach a class at the Sawtooth Center in Winston-Salem that day but you have pushed me to go ahead and join. I’ve been meaning to do it for
years but like so many things it falls through the cracks.

Hopefully next year I can attend the Raleigh meeting.

Thanks Ed.


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As I just joined MWTCA I did not receive the time and location for the Raleigh event. Can that be posted please.


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DARN, if I didn't find everything I was looking for. Spent all my money. Now spending hours and hours tuning the stuff up.
Adz, V gouge, a nice Stanley 9 inch try, some NOS files, cheap saw for the nuts and some steel to make scrapers and scratch stock out of. Did not buy a draw knife as the prices were too close to new "known steel" ones.

I was surprised. Maybe I am getting better, but squaring the try, and my older 6 inch, were not as hard as I expected. A couple hours and they are within a knife edge of square. Both sides, and the blades are within .001 end to end.

Fantastic weather of course. Beautiful site.


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I had a great time at the meetup. Attached is my "haul." 4 lathe tools, a draw knife and a spoon gouge. Big thank you to all involved in hosting the event.


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