Annual Picnic Date revised

Phil S

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Phil Soper
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NCWW holds an annual picnic in mid-May. Last year the picnic could not be held safely. This year we will hold a picnic in September instead of May. The extra time is needed to give all of us time to get vaccinated and most importantly time to feel safe among friends. Please hold September 18 open for a day of good food and friends.
The location will be at Seaforth on Jordon Lake
Looking forward to seeing everybody there


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This is great! I am cautiously optimistic that this will happen as vaccines should be widespread by then and hopefully this nightmare will show signs of ending. My calendar is marked and I am looking forward to seeing everyone after a year+ of isolation!


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I did a NC whirlwind tour yesterday and had a few conversations about the picnic and gatherings, it can't happen soon enough for me!


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Very exciting! Do we potluck it? Are we chipping in
We provide the main course (BBQ), and others pitch in for sides & deserts. We're also scheduling the annual raffle to be held at the picnic. Details to follow.

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