Air compressor... Inside or outside?

Chris C

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So I got a screaming deal on a new air compressor. They tipped it over at the local Lowe's and broke the air filter off. As is of course but $350 delivered. I got a new filter from eBay. No other damage and runs like a top.

The question is: Can I leave it outside under my shelter or should I bring it inside? It'll be protected from the elements. I'm just concerned about temperature. I have 220 inside and out.


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the motorcycle shops I worked in had them outside (chained and bolted in a locked cage) but part of opening up the service dept was a daily tank drain.. if you can put in a better climate it will last better.. temp is not the problem around here, humidity is..


Phillip Cooper
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Keep mine inside where the climate control is always working, low humidity, little to no moisture to drain. When I had one outside, I had to drain it all the time, moisture was a real problem, even under a shed or inside an enclosed area...but without A/C.

Bill Clemmons

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I've had mine outside, under a shed roof since 2005. I did some minor maintenance recently, but nothing serious and it's still working fine. I drain moisture from the tank every couple of days. It only runs when I'm in the shop.


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My shop is in the basement seperated by a wall from the garage. The compressor is on the outside wall of the garage. Very little noise in the shop.

I also got a great deal from Lowes - they were closing them out and I got it for 1/4 price. Not near as large as yours - it's only 8 gallons with an 8 gallon auxiliary tank. Can take two aux tanks but couldn't find a second one. Have to make due with only 16 gallons of reserve.


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Sure. You’ll just have to drain it more often.

I had a friend who was a Master Chief in the Navy and THE smartest guy I’ve ever known when it came to mechanics. He told me he kept his compressor drain cracked open ever so slightly all the time and always cut the power to it when done for the day.

I don’t do either, in fact I can’t remember when I last drained it 😳😳

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