A Limbert-style Side Table

Dave Richards

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I was looking through some photos and came across something I thought a few folks might be interested in.

A few years ago I did plans for a Limbert-style coffee table for Fine Woodworking Magazine. My brother was trying to come up with a design for a side table to put between a couple of Morris chairs. that are placed at angles so they face toward the center of the room. His wedge-shaped table wasn't cutting it though. I did a quick modification to the coffee table to make a side table for him.

Here are a few photos of the results.

Here is the table getting a lab test.


Corporate Member
Was that done with a Golden on Oak? Oh, my bad -- that's more like using a Yellow Lab....

BTW, Nice work!

Dave Richards

Senior User
You might be right, Bill. -7°F with -22° windchill and freezing fog after about a foot of snow yesterday.

Thanks on the table. The lab test was my brother's idea.

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