6/4 Acacia


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How much do you need and what type of acasia are you specifically looking for ?


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I was a little puzzled by this request since I wasn't familiar with wood being referred to by the name acacia other than I have used and am pretty familiar with koa which I was told came from the acacia tree. I wondered if the OP was referring to koa so I did a little checking and found that acacia is a large genus with over 1000 species and quite a few distinct types of lumber that are somewhat commonly used. The qualities of those species are pretty widely varied.

This was all news to me. There is some info at Acacia (wattle) genus | The Wood Database

In any case I think the original question might need a little clarification unless there is some particular species that is typically referred to as acacia regionally in NC. FWIW, even in Hawaii koa is pretty expensive. I brought some back from a recent trip. Some was gifted to me and some I bought. The pieces that I bought definitely didn't come cheap. On another note, I also brought home a beautiful piece of mango that was gifted to me.

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