12in Shopsmith Planner - $200

Pop Golden

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I've been around and owned a Shopsmith a better part of my life. I was the Shopsmith mentor with the local woodworking club. When asked about certain tools there were certain ones that I would not recommend. The 2 that come to mind are the planer & scroll saw. $200 is about right for that plane. A new one cost $1590+ if you buy the stand alone version.. Until the new DVR motor came out the Shopsmith motor was 1-1/8 hp. That's not strong enough for a plane. It's also heavy. Taking it on & off the Shopsmith will give your back a work out. Now, the scroll saw. It is priced way to high and it gives you nothing any other run-of-the-mill saw gives you.



I just got upgraded to a grizzly 15” from one of these. It was ok. I liked it better than lunchbox, but worse than a 15” that I have now.

My biggest problem was I had sharpen the blade often, and found myself not working on a project cause I knew the first hour would e sharpening the plane blades. But that could very well be user error.

That said it’s only $200 so this would be a great first planer for someone. Just make sure you get some paste wax for the table. It makes a HUGE difference in performance.


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