1. New York corner chair

    New York corner chair

    Copy of a chair in the Garvin Collection
  2. G

    a new woodie in Charlotte, by way of New York

    Greetings All, This past summer I moved down to Charlotte after spending most of my life in the suburbs of NYC. Compared to the winters of the north-east, I'll gladly take these 60+ degree 'winter' days here. (While still enjoying the cooler mornings and evenings as well.) I am collecting...
  3. Tarhead

    NC Woodworker Express Run to York, PA Next Week

    I have to attend a meeting in York, PA next week and of course will be making a beeline to Wilke Machinery Co. during my first break while I'm there. If you need anything from them which will be able to be checked on a USAirways jet (ie: not fragile or huge and <50lbs) , I will be happy to pick...

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