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    Looking for craftsmen in Durham

    Hello all, My name is Ryan Cawley and I am a partner and the Production Manager at Y&J Furniture Co in Durham. As the name says, we are a furniture company and we cover everything from custom fabrication to any type of repair or rebuild, though we specialize in antique restoration. I am...
  2. side view

    side view

  3. top with inlay

    top with inlay

  4. front view of table

    front view of table

  5. Baby in leaf

    Baby in leaf

    Baby in leaf
  6. Faces in the woods

    Faces in the woods

    Pattern by Rick, cut by cskipper. There are three horses and a face "hidden" in the trees. Cut from 1/8" Baltic Birch plywood, measures 11 x 8.5.
  7. Horseshoe welcome

    Horseshoe welcome

    This is cut from walnut and backed by BB.
  8. House of Cattitude

    House of Cattitude

    This is cut form 3/4" Aspen.
  9. Double eagle

    Double eagle

    Pattern by Ted Duquette
  10. Eagle Welcome sign

    Eagle Welcome sign

    I used cherry for this piece and maple for another. The arrows in the eagle's claw broke in both. If I cut it again I will used plywood.
  11. Carving and sharpening station

    Carving and sharpening station

  12. Bluebird feeder

    Bluebird feeder

    Bluebird feeder.
  13. Work tables

    Work tables

    Free work tables
  14. Work tables

    Work tables

    Free work tables
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  17. 20121216_174757


  18. 20121216_174745


  19. 20121213_183756_-_Copy


  20. 20121213_183458_-_Copy


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