1. charlessenf

    MLCS Woodworking Surprise 3YR Warranty

    Thought I ought to share this. Would not have been surprised had I paid attention when I bought it! Mr. xxxxx, Your rabbeting kit is still just under the three year warranty (purchased 2/28/2014). Can you tell me which size (outside diameter) bearing is frozen. With that information, we can...
  2. ScottM

    Stihl extended warranty

    Stihl is running a promo where they double the warranty on their gas power tools if you also buy a 6-pack of their oil at the same time. Only catch is the tools have to be for personal use. http://www.stihlusa.com/STIHLInc_Limited_Warranty1.11.pdf I am considering either the MS 250 or the MS 271.
  3. J

    Some Warranty

    Last week, I bought a 100' polyuratheane hose from HD. It's the Amflo brand, and comes with a 4 year warranty. To get replacement under warranty, you need both ORIGINAL sales receipt, and original packaging. I know I'm going to keep that piece of cardboard and banding for four years. Yeah, right...
  4. Ken Massingale

    My Dewalt DW618 Router Croaked! Update, Fixed Under Warranty!

    :BangHead::crossedlips::wsad: I got the DW618PK 3 base kit 2 or 3 years ago when Mark at HDT had a few for ~$120, a fantastic deal. 90% of my routing I do with the Bosch 1613 in the router table. I doubt if the Dewalt has 3 hours run time, all hand held, heck it's never been dusty! I started...
  5. DaveO

    Bosch takes care of their customers

    In my on-going saga of issues with the Bosch Colt I have received nothing but excellent customer service from them. Originally I had the spindle lock button strip out and with some sage advice found here I contacted Bosch and a spindle wrench showed up at my door Thread. Well then the spindle...
  6. Phil S

    Kobalt warranty fyi

    If any of you own a large Kobalt air compressor that you have purchased within the past few years, the 3 year warranty it came with is no longer good as the manufacturer went out of business and you might want to get your money back. I just happened to find this out when I tried to get a...

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