1. CrealBilly

    Rocker WIP - DONE - Another Satisfied Customer

    Here's a rocker I've been working on for my grandson. Made out of black walnut and 30 min / 3500 PSI clear epoxy. Almost every cut is a angle cut. It would have really helped if I had a plan or at least a drawing, instead of just a picture in my head. thanks
  2. DaveO

    Bosch takes care of their customers

    In my on-going saga of issues with the Bosch Colt I have received nothing but excellent customer service from them. Originally I had the spindle lock button strip out and with some sage advice found here I contacted Bosch and a spindle wrench showed up at my door Thread. Well then the spindle...
  3. mshel

    Satisfied customer

    I delivered and installed the hanging corner cupboard today and although I took several photos, this one is the only one thats even half way viewable. :BangHead: You can see the new owner in the reflection in the door glass. A sweet little lady who took a bad fall a few weeks back and broke her...

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