1. froglips

    Handsaws: Resources FAQ

    This FAQ is a thread for anyone to post anything relevent to handsaws and hand sawing techniques. This first round is for Western style handsaws. I'll leave Japanese style saws for other folks to cover. Please do not post questions to this thread. Please do post questions to a new...
  2. Douglas Robinson

    Resources and prices for Baltic Birch plywood

    I was wondering what people have been paying for 3/4" 4'x8' Baltic Birch veneer plywood sheets, and where they have been purchasing it. Doug
  3. Y

    Raw Bamboo...Any resources?

    Hi Folks, I've been tasked with building a Tiki style facade for Vacation Bible School week at our church. I have some ideas and have a lot of the raw materials but I'm coming up short on the Bamboo needed. I'm using some of the rough oak I purchased from DaveO for framing. I'm using grass...
  4. NCPete

    Unsustainable Wood resources

    Kyle, what makes these woods unsustainable? Is there no effort to replant what is being cut down? can it not be replanted?
  5. H

    Looking For Wood Resources

    Ahoy, Ok, we have exhausted ourselves with "researching" tablesaws, Miter saws, ect. We still don't know what would be the right machines to buy, and on top of the frustration we ain't making any saw dust. So Irene and I decided to just order some wood and use the two tools we have, the Dremel...

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