1. farmerbw

    Help, need a scroller in the Raleighwood area!!

    Q:Anyone know what you get when you mix a devilish 2 year old boy, a rambunctious 1 year old Welshie spaniel, and big sisters favorite step stool? A: The pics below and a very upset 5 year old big sister.:gar-Cr So, as the pics show, the "e" met Welshie and lost!:help: So I'm looking for...
  2. farmerbw

    New from Raleighwood

    Just joined today after seeing a flyer in the Raleigh Woodcraft while picking up some BB squares I ordered. I've been tinkering in WW for some time now and I'm by no means really great at any aspect of woodworking but I'm constantly learning (or is that screwing up!!) and getting hopefully...

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