1. Mini-Split Heat Pump

    Mini-Split Heat Pump

    .75 ton/600 sqft shop
  2. Mini-Split Heat Pump

    Mini-Split Heat Pump

    .75 ton/600 sqft shop
  3. Vacuum Pump

    Vacuum Pump

  4. Ken Kimbrell

    Gast Vacuum Pump

    Not mine. Don't know if this pump would work for a lathe vacuum system, but it seems like a good price if it could be used on a lathe... hope it's useful for someone, my skills are not to that level yet. :wsmile: http://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/tls/2706968863.html
  5. J

    Pressure Washer Pump Failure

    First of the week, I bought off CL a pressure washer (Kracher 2400) with Honda motor. Carb needed cleaning, which I did, Motor ran great, but unit didn't develop pressure. Went on line and searched this model. This is a "common problem" with this particular model, but most likely occurs in other...
  6. tkpinsc

    craigslist vacuum pump

    http://columbia.craigslist.org/tls/2271073789.html Not mine, might be good for a vacuum press.
  7. merrill77

    LP tank, tankless heater and duel-fuel heat pump

    The water heater thread reminded me that I've been putting off some decisions - so thanks to all for the info on tankless water heaters. I've been considering one of those for a couple of reasons, primarily energy efficiency. The unlimited hot water will be nice as our three boys start...
  8. BKind2Anmls

    Is this vacuum pump useful for anything in the workshop?

    Air Vacuum Pump with R134A and R12 Connectors Item # 96677 Manufacturer: Central Pneumatic...
  9. Gotcha6

    Vacuum pump @ CLT Habitat

    CLT Habitat @ Wendover has a new refrigeration - a/c grade vacuum pump for $150. This would make someone a great vac press. No gauges but pump is complete.
  10. J

    Air/ Vacumm Pump $10

    Gast, 1/4HP air / vacumm pump, currently on RDU craigslist, located in Cary. Getting into vacumm bagging, here's your pump, at an unbeatable price. Almost makes me wish I need one. Bruce
  11. farmerbw

    Brazing Cast Iron pump body possible?

    It's about time to start getting my irrigation system put back together and in working order which means I've now got to address a problem I've been putting off since Jan. Long story short I messed up and didn't fully drain my 1.5 hp well pump before going away for a week, so of course we had a...
  12. K

    Septic with pump

    This kind of goes along with my other post about expensive hobbies, kinda. The place we are looking to buy has a pump with the septic system. This is something I am no fimiliar with. Any opinions on this type of setup and what problems might I face?
  13. adowden

    Vacuum pump

    I want to thank Douglas Robinson for posting about the vacuum pump for sale. I bought it a couple of weeks ago and promised to share a picture. It can use a little TLC and I'm just the gal to clean it up! I used this same brand pump to evacuate some really small scale cans of metal powders...
  14. T

    Found: 2 ton heat pump!!


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