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    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    It took two weekends to pare and plane the 8 tenons to fit the 8 mortices. They are all done now. Tight, but not too tight. Next operation is split the birdseye maple and make some bookmatched panels for the doors. Then I will start on the back. I split some furring strips with the bandsaw...
  2. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom door

    I am making slow but sure progress on my corner cupboard. I am still working on the bottom cabinet; specifically, assembling the doors. I am trimming the tenons on the rail pieces to fit into the mortices on the stiles. I just raise the bench dogs about 1/4" and clamp the rail between them while...
  3. J

    Corner cupboard progress--bottom doors

    My day job is pretty stressful and this project is how I relax. It is more of a journey than a destination. Sorry for the slow progress--it may take another year to finish. This weekend's task was to cut up the rails and stiles for the doors. I was able to get all pieces cut out of some...

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