1. Mr. Lahey

    Stripping polyurethane?

    Is there a way to strip polyurethane chemically the way paint is stripped, vs sanding?
  2. rick7938

    Polyurethane Over Shellac?

    Is it possible to put polyurethane as a final protective finish over shellac? I have made two end tables out of some old growth SYP, and the shellac finish really looks nice. However, my wife is afraid that there may be an issue with water rings, so she is wanting me to put on a coat of poly...
  3. USFS Moisture-excluding Effectiveness of Finishes

    USFS Moisture-excluding Effectiveness of Finishes

    table of info from the USFS labs
  4. merrill77

    polyurethane over acrylic paint?

    It is an oil-based acrylic that I just applied today. Can I top-coat it with an oil-based poly? It's still a little tacky now (painted it at ~3p). If it's dry tomorrow am I good to go? Or should I wait longer? Based on what I recall from Flexner I think I should be ok...but though I would...
  5. D

    Polyurethane vacuum veneering bags

    these bags are a great price: http://www.veneersupplies.com/news/may2009.html
  6. roweathers

    Can you spray polyurethane on a pre-cat lacquer?

    Just curious about this? Secondly, can you spray a waterbourne lacquer on top of a pre-cat lacquer?
  7. ebarr

    Polyurethane Glues Expand Y'all

    Man I feel like an idiot. I am making a rolling cabinet for my benchtop drill press. It's a pretty simple three drawer cabinet. Well yesterday I glued and screwed the carcass together. I needed to run to Lowes so I left the carcass on the assembly table (on it's side). When I returned...
  8. jaustin

    sparying Polyurethane?

    Can you spray Polyurethane using hvlp?
  9. O

    polyurethane techniques

    When I polyurethaned my cabinet, it looked horrible. It was all bumpy and stuff. When we sanded it down between coats, it looked as if we took every off. So we stopped sanding it for the third coat. It looked pretty bumpy. The directions on the back of the min-wax polyurethanes are pretty...

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