1. R

    For Sale - Narex chisels - 6 piece set

    I just got a set of 8 Stanley sweetheart chisels and no longer need these. They are in good shape and did not see a ton of use. The backs have already been flattened on the first 1” or so and just sharpened them so are good to go out of the box. The 20 mm does have a very small chip in one...
  2. chgorugbyref

    Mortise chisels? Narex?

    I am looking to pick up a couple of mortise chisels and would prefer not to break the bank. I spotted the Narex mortise chisels on the Lee Valley site and the Sorby plastic handle chisels at Highland and wonder if anyone has used them. Do they hold an edge? Are they comfortable to hold? Do...
  3. Tarhead

    Narex Chisel Deal

    SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICES on Narex® Classic Bevel-Edge Chisel Sets. Introductory prices until August 8, 2011.,41504&p=67707
  4. kooshball

    New Premium Narex Chisels

    Anyone tried these yet:
  5. S

    Mortise Chisels-Lee Valley Narex

    As promised, here are pics! (no pics, never happened) There so PURDY Looked sharp as well, no need to test with finger!:rotflm:
  6. ScottM

    Highland Hardware - Narex Chisels

    Good deal on quality chisels $59.99 and spend a total of $75.00 you get $10.00 off using code 121009
  7. michaelgarner

    Narex Chisels?

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the Narex brand of chisels. I am looking at theses

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