1. J

    HF Multi-Tool $19.99

    Using coupon from today's paper, HF Multi-Tool is $19.99. Limit of four. Don't forget to pick up your free multimeter. using coupon from paper.
  2. J

    Multi-Tool Replacement blades

    As most know, more than one brand of blade will fit some mult-tools. I thought this might be a good thread to start, so we would have a common reference as to which fits which. Yesterday, I went to Northern Tool and checked to see if their GENSIS (Power Smith) blades will fit my HF tool. They...
  3. N

    Olander multi-tool

    Hey folks, Getting my feet wet with turning, but want to make my own olander multi-tool. I can turn my handle, but where should I get the other parts? Also, is it better to use a tool sleeve with screws to hold the part in place, or use a drill chuck? Any advice or spare knowledge would be...
  4. L

    Bosch 12V cordless Multitool $45 at GSO HomeDepot

    I may regret passing it up (I already have 2 other multitools) but last night the NW Greensboro Home Depot has a used Bosch 12V cordless multitool (w-case, 2 batteries, charger, and looked like all the attachments) in the clearance section marked down from $170 to $45... hope someone here needs it.
  5. Joe Scharle

    Fein multi-tool blades

    Sears blades/scrapers FIT!!!!! Just picked up a few. HSS cir w/ flat cuts drywall just a good as Fein @ 1/4 $$$ E-cut not so good, but plenty adequate at 1/4 $$$ !!!!!!!!

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