1. J

    project complete: Curly maple dining table

    Let me start this story at the beginning. a little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to build a dining table for a friend of mine. It was to be quite an ambitious project because I was just starting out as a woodworker. A few friends of mine convinced me to do an end table first so that I...
  2. A

    Matching worm maple with another wood

    My next project is going to be some night stands. As of right now I plan on building the whole thing out of worm wood thanks to Jack (saw4you) for offering to bring it to me , however I have also considered using a combination of woods. I know I at least want the top of the night stands to be...
  3. A

    Wormy Maple wanted

    Anybody have about 65-75 bf of wormy maple? I need about 12 bf to be 6/4-8/4, and the rest to be 4/4. It all needs to be 5" wide. If you have any, or know someone who does please let me know. Thanks, Alex
  4. Quilted Maple HF

    Quilted Maple HF

  5. bluedawg76

    walnut, maple. cherry coffee table

    Here's my new coffee table -walnut, wormy maple and cherry. There were several firsts on this table including the breadboard ends and the curved legs. The finish for the top is blo, followed by wipe-on poly. For the legs and apron I used garnet shellac and wipe-on poly. The shellac looked...
  6. Mike Davis

    Burl Maple Gloat

    I spent the day Saturday working on that tree stump that Tom helped with a couple weeks ago. I dug under enough to find the root holding it in. Cut across the main roots of the other sections and finally had to get a tractor to push it a little. All thee pieces loaded in the truck...
  7. T

    For Sale: Burly Maple Lumber

    For sale is a boule of burly maple. It is the entire log sawn through and through so each board has a consecutive bookmatch. It is 4/4 (1 in thick), 82" long, and boards average around 8 or 9" wide. It has been kiln dried. There are a total of 9 pieces..and they are beautiful. Thanks for...
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  12. prolfe

    Curly maple, $2.75 per bd. Ft!!!

    At the Woodworking Showcase on Saturday at Klingspor's Woodworking Shop, we have only 500 feet of soft curly maple for $2.75. All other lumber, turning and carving stock will be 0n sale also. For one day only. See you there!! Paul
  13. manfre

    Spalted Red Maple

    The power company has been rolling through my area and over zealously butchering any tree within 15' of a power line. They skipped one house in my neighborhood, but I'm guessing the owners were home. A red maple tree in front of an abandoned house had the street side of the tree just...
  14. Spoon carving workshop

    Spoon carving workshop

    maple Ladle
  15. DWSmith

    8/4 x 10' Hard Maple

    On Monday 9/12 I will have available over 500 bd ft 8/4 x 10' hard maple for $3.95 per bd ft. If anyone wants some contact me at 336 803-0434 (cell) or 336 474-0434 (shop). Edited to reflect the length at 10 feet not 10 inches. My mistake. Various widths.
  16. Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen
  17. Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen
  18. Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen

    Ambrosia Maple Zen
  19. Tiger Maple Hollowform with Holly Pedestal (WIP)

    Tiger Maple Hollowform with Holly Pedestal (WIP)

  20. Dovetail Wenge & Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    Dovetail Wenge & Ambrosia Maple Bowl

    This bowl was made by cutting a sliding dovetail in two flat pieces of wood, gluing them together and cutting them with a scroll saw. There are eight segmented stacks that were cut, glued and sanded.

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