1. Maloof Bar Stools

    Maloof Bar Stools

  2. Ammonia Fuming Tent

    Ammonia Fuming Tent

  3. Maloof Low Back Chair

    Maloof Low Back Chair

    Walnut with ebony accents.
  4. Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker

    Maple Rocker
  5. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof Low Back Side Chair Completed

    I completed my Maloof Low back side chair using walnut and ebony accents as described in the thread Coopered seats in How To forum). Attached are a few photos of the finished product.Overall I am very satisfied with the outcome and look of the finished chair. lesson learned, invest in better...
  6. Maloof low back chair back view

    Maloof low back chair back view

  7. Maloof Low back chair front view

    Maloof Low back chair front view

  8. Maloof low back chair side view

    Maloof low back chair side view

    Rough shaping almost complete, ready for sanding
  9. Front view with arms

    Front view with arms

  10. Side view with arms

    Side view with arms

  11. Low Back 3

    Low Back 3

    Step 3, shaping of the legs
  12. Low Back 3

    Low Back 3

    Step 3, shaping of the legs
  13. IMG00102-20110706-2143


    coopered seat 2
  14. IMG00101-20110706-2142


    coopered seat 1
  15. cyclopentadiene

    Maloof inspired version of 1800's antique bench

    This is my latest completed project. A couple of years ago, my wife purchased a similar antique bench from a tag sale. The original had been repaired many times, especially in regards to the attachment of the legs to the rails. The original is connected using dowels and some screws. I decided to...
  16. Maloof Bench

    Maloof Bench

  17. Maloof Bench

    Maloof Bench

  18. Maloof Bench

    Maloof Bench

  19. cyclopentadiene

    Completed Second Maloof Rocker

    Finally completed my second Maloof rocker. It is made of highly figured curly ambrosia maple. I used the Charles Brock plan for this rocker but used some modifications based on experience with the JSR woodworking rocker build of late 2008...
  20. D

    Maloof style?

    Just wondering if any of you have built Maloof style (inspired) rockers or his dining chairs? Did you use the Charles Brock information? Or straight from Maloof? (pics please) Have been curious about one thing. Judging from videos I've seen of him, Maloof uses primarily power tools to...

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