1. ScottM

    Very successful craft fair in the books

    Some folks do not believe it but I do wood working. Check out my gallery for some pics to show what I have been doing since I retired.
  2. cyclopentadiene

    State Fair Entry

    This year I entered my Maloof low back side chair in the NC State Fair. The chair won 3rd place in the professional division for large furniture. This was my first time entering the professional category as when I entered a rocker in 2009, I had not sold any pieces and entered as an amateur...
  3. cskipper

    Information for distribution at Agri fair

    Is someone bringing our banner and/or information for distribution at the Agri fair this weekend?
  4. Mike Davis

    Woodwork/craft fair?

    I have been pondering for a while and i would like some thoughts from The Board of NCWW, our Corporate Members and Sponsors. I know there are a few woodworking shows around the State and in other places that some of our members travel to. I know that there are schools and stores around that...
  5. W

    fair price to plane wood

    I have had a work/friend call me up and want me to plane a few thousand linear feet of pine from 1" down to 3/4". I didn't know what a fair price to charge to do this type of job. $.20 a lf sound alright?
  6. mlzettl

    Piedmont Craftsmen's Fair

    If anyone is going to the Piedmont Craftsmen's Fair this weekend in Winston-Salem, stop by and say hello. I will be at the Preview Party on Friday night, and most of the day on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the time I will be in the Applicant's Group Booth, where my work is being juried. I would...
  7. ScottM

    Craft fair done

    I did a my first craft fair of the year and at a new location. I was in Littleton, NC at a church near Lake Gaston. It was the best show I ever did and I still have a few potential orders coming. Here are a few shots to prove I still do work with wood.
  8. scsmith42

    Fair Warning...

    Just be prepared.... The time is drawing near... There will be some rip snorting, toe curdling, jaw dropping gloats coming soon to a NCWoodworker member in New Hill... We're not only talking about big gloats, we're talking about small gloats, mid size gloats, and a boat load of total...
  9. T

    Fair Warning!

    Trying to avoid too many surprises.... I will have a JET JWS-35X Heavy-Duty Shaper that will be going up for sale, possibly late next week sometime. I haven't figured a price yet and may do the auction deal to see how that goes - if I have the time. I want to try and be as sure as I can that...

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