1. BrianGeib

    Creating “Toadstool” Pattern on Mission Style

    I have used ceramic tile and various types of glass to add some decoration to Mission style pieces, but I want to try the Toadstool cutouts. Has anyone done that and, if so, how? I was looking for a template, but haven’t found one.
  2. N

    Need a hand plane knob

    I am fixing up an old Craftsman hand plane (3cbb) I bought some time ago. It's currently missing the front knob. I would be happy buying one if anyone can easily make one - OR - since I'm still learning (and don't own a lathe), I'd love to come watch and learn some lathe stuff. I live in Apex...
  3. charlessenf

    craftsman mobile base - $15 (Morganton)

    Not my style, but quite a discount from Retail. Ad reads "metal frame mobile base 18in.x50in. load capacity 400lb.made by craftsman"
  4. Blade Alignment

    Blade Alignment

    Aligning blade on mid 1980's Craftsman Tablesaw using In-Line Industries A-Line Basic
  5. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  6. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  7. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  8. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  9. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  10. vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

    vintage Craftsman Bandsaw

  11. T

    craftsman table saw

    I have an old Craftsman 10 inch table saw from the 50's or 60's....Seems to work...motor pulls the belt fairly well, but the whole thing needs to be "adjusted" or properly set up. Any ideas would be very welcome. I'm trying to decide whether to keep it, sell it or give it away. I may be better...
  12. charlessenf

    Switch Part for Craftsman Power Tool - Help

    I have two Craftsman power tools. A Table saw and a scroll saw. I lost the little yellow safety lock for the TS switch (and am swapping out the one from the SS temporarily) and tried to find one at Sears Parts Online. I figured I didn't need a model number as they all seem to use the same type...
  13. D

    Closeout pricing on Nicholson files/rasps at Craftsman Studio

    the pattern maker rasps are the lowest I've seen:
  14. B

    powermatic 64A VS Craftsman contractor saw

    My Craftsman saw is having issues and i have always despised the fence. There is a PM 64A for sale in my area for 650. Curious if anyone in the forum has one and what their thoughts are on it. Is it a significant upgrade or should i just bite the bullet and spend a few hundred more for a used...
  15. michaelgarner

    Craftsman 3 in 1 Rotary Workbench

    Hello friends, I acquired a discontinued Craftsman 3 in 1 Rotary Bench and need the manual for it. I was able to go on sears and pull one up that they have for sale for 3.95, but for shipping it to Hawaii was 18.00!!!!!! Give me a break sears!!!!! Anyway does anyone a manual for the Craftsman 3...
  16. Mike Camp

    Sliding 10" Craftsman Miter Saw - $100 (Raleigh CL)

    Not mine... From the picture this looks like the same one as mine, pretty good saw not a Bosch, Dewalt, Festool or Makita but is a heck of a lot cheaper and is very accurate once its dialed in. 15.0 Amp, 120 Volts, 60 Hz 4,800 RPM motor Large...
  17. bluedawg76

    Craftsman Tablesaw - $595 (Cary, NC) Sears Professional Tablesaw with HTC 3000 mobile base. Includes Beisemeyer fence, collapsible outfeed table, 2 zero clearance insert plates, 1 dado insert plate. 1.75HP motor, weight approx. 500lbs. Location: Cary, NC it's NOT ok...
  18. CDPeters

    Craftsman Molding Head

    Thanks to fellow NCWWer Scott Kuykendall, I am now the proud owner of a Craftsman molding head set that I've been wishing for for a while. Thanks Scott! I promised Scott I would post some pictures of the first run in the shop, so I prepped some stock from some Spanish oak shipping dunnage I...
  19. Molding_head_007


  20. Molding_head_006


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