1. CDPeters

    Need some plane ID help

    Hey guys, I had a visit from my Uncle Dave this past weekend, and he dropped off some more old tools for my growing collection. Among them was the plane shown below. I hadn't seen anything like this before and searched and searched on Google trying to figure out what it is, and finally...
  2. Timmy

    First Cove Cuts

    I have a lot of projects that my wife wants me to do involving wood. Well it never seems like they get done and I feel bad because I want her to be happy. She asked me to make her a little shelf to go over the back of the couch to place picture frames on or what ever else ends up going...
  3. O

    Cove Style Base Cap

    Redoing the trim in the house maple 1x6 with Walnut Cove Style Cap. Anyone out there have a good source that could fill an order like that?
  4. Mike Davis

    PE request from Durham to G'boro or Walnut Cove

    Sawduster has a window screen for me in Durham very close to I-40. If someone is headed this way could you bring it for me please?
  5. W

    Cove molding & Baseboard

    Hey guys, I am working on a built in bookcase and bench. My issue is I am planning on using cove molding to cover the gaps. I need some advice on how to mate the cove molding to the baseboard. If you have some pics that would be fantastic. Once I get it finished I will post some pics...
  6. S

    Model Maker's Table Saw 4 Inch Blade - $45 (Walnut Cove)

    FOR THOSE REALLY BIG Projects, not min Model Maker's Table Saw 4 Inch Blade - $45 (Walnut Cove) Date: 2011-01-18, 9:19AM EST Reply to: see below Model builders saw 4 inch carbide blade. adjustable height and angle. Email me at...
  7. Luckbox72

    Cove Molding

    I am going to make my own cove molding with a jig on my table saw. My question is would it be better to use a cross cut blade or a ripping blade. I am thinking ripping blade since there is more room between the teeth for the saw dust.
  8. Mike Davis

    Walnut Cove shop/home

    Should close in a couple weeks. Have about a month of remodeling to do, then start moving in.
  9. D

    Peachtree Cove Cutting Jig on sale This jig works well, and it would be hard to build it for the sales price
  10. NCTurner

    Table saw Cove chart

    Found this link while doing some research for a possible project and thought I would share. Link
  11. mgoins

    Cove Molding on a Table Saw

    Title – Cove Molding on a Table Saw Been working on paneling our Reading Room over the last few months & needed about 40 feet of matching 3” crown molding made from old growth pine. Had seen a few magazine articles over the years talking about making large scale cove molding with a table saw...
  12. Joe Scharle

    Cove Cutting Table Saw Jig David Hughes has a Rockler copy for $50 :tool:
  13. Joe Scharle

    Rockler Cove Cutting Jig

    Works better than 2 sticks clamped to the table and cheaper than buying all the parts and making my own, with the 15% off and free shipping. If you have a large adjustable Right Triangle setup is real quick. Just made a bracket foot; took less than 30 min total.
  14. M

    Looking for Pine 2" Cove Molding

    I am working on the "Country Pine Bookcases" from Woodsmith (21/123) and the call for a pine 2" cove molding. I checked out my local Lowes, but wasn't able find any. Does anyone know where I could pick some of this up in the Triangle area? I really don't want to have to make this using the...
  15. D L Ames

    Cove cutting with TS

    Does anyone have any advise or wisdom to share on cutting coves with the TS. I have used this technique before on a very limited basis but would like to expand my knowledge on this technique. Here is a set up I have used before to cut some coves on the top and bottom of some boxes I built...

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