1. PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    PowerMatic 64A Contractor Table Saw

    Dust Collection Modification.
  2. A

    Tablesaw topside dust collection . . . possible solution? *w/pic*

    I have never liked overarm tablesaw blade guards and dust pickups- for a couple of reasons. First, the piping gets in the way, second, too much bulky mounting hardware and plastic crap around and partially obscuring the blade, and not too good at capturing the dust. So I have never used one...
  3. W

    Dust Collection

    Does anyone have a good design or idea for a DBSMS DC? I'm about to go nuts trying to keep the dust down. I have a DC system similar to the Griz 1029 that I use on the other machines in the shop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, is there any information on this site...
  4. mike_wood

    Dust collection for Bosch 1250DEVS

    Has anyone worked out dust collection to a Fein for the 1250? Apparently the adapter sold by Bosch does not work. If tool manufacturers are concerned about user's health it sure does not show up in ease of hooking up dust collection. Thanks.
  5. T

    PVC or Metal Duct for Dust Collection

    Now that I have a dust collector it is time to pipe it to the machines. I would like to use PVC for ease of installation but hear it is dangerous unless grounded inside and out. Any feedback on success or failures on the two systems would be welcomed. Thanks
  6. wapitiscat

    Makita 2012 planer dust collection

    Does anyone know if the dust hood for the newer 2012NB planer will fit the older 2012? Todd
  7. Terry

    Dust Collection and alot of fun

    Tom, I am still working on the grain of rice theory in your dust collection class today but wanted to thank you for the class and the pointers. Also want to say I enjoyed the time we shared with everyone at Fat Daddy's at lunch. It's nice to be able to meet old and new friends in our group. This...
  8. SteveColes

    Dust Collection

    I'm sure everyone is familiar with the "standard" black ABS "Y" connectors , blast gates, etc. that you buy at every woodworking store. The other day I was buying some pieces and wondering how to connect them easily and quickly. Someone showed me that if I took a piece of sch 40 PVC pipe, the...
  9. Travis Porter

    Dust Collection

    I am in the middle of rearranging my shop and reworking my dust collection. I have had a bit of concern in how to do the dust collection for my CMS. I like SteveD's set up, but I hate to have to turn the Cyclone on and off as much as I use the CMS intermittently. Additionally, I really don't...
  10. M

    Dust Collection Improvements - "Cheapo Gate Complete"

    I've been working for some time with one 4" PVC duct run from my under-floor Dust Collector (DC) to an outlet behind my Table Saw (see my earlier thread). I have a Chip Separator connected to the outlet, then a longer length of flex duct connected to my saw which I move to my planer or jointer...
  11. Travis Porter

    Dust Collection

    I am going to have to quit reading or viewing any of Steve D's posts. Everytime I do, I get in trouble. Fortunately, Woodguy is out of my price range.:lol: Anyone want to fight with metal dust collection pipe?
  12. jtdums

    Dust collection hose help

    Does anyone know where to get 6" flexible dust collection hose locally in the Charlotte area or a good online source? Thanks, Jim
  13. SCMS Dust Collection

    SCMS Dust Collection

    Miter saws and especially sliding compound miter saws present dust collection challenges. For this reason and others, I go to my RAS for most 90 degree and dado cuts and come to this place for the miter cuts and some 90 cuts if my RAS or its table are busy. Anyway, this hole in the wall is my...
  14. Router table DC cabinet

    Router table DC cabinet

    When the woodpecker´s version of this went on sale, I challenged myself to make my own, which I did for less than $20. Nothing fancy-- b/c I had no idea if it would work. Well it works very well. I´ll add an external switch soon. I can hardly open the door while the DC is running.

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