cnc router

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    Anyone looking for a CNC business?

    Looking for the right person to take over mine. Hoping someone in this community who has the passion and interest.
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    Project: JetSki Shop Stand

    Hello NCWW community, I wanted to seek your advice in regards to material choice for a project I am working on. I have designed these interlocking stands that can be routed out so they can be assembled without tools. My question is in regards to strength and choosing the correct material...
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    Finishing up my second CNC

    About two months later than I'd originally intended, but I'm finally pretty much done with this new CNC router. My first one was an all MDF build (heck of a lot cheaper than metal, and could always reuse the movement parts on a metal build), about 3'x4' cut area. Definitely a usable machine...

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