1. J

    Need someone to carve ball claw feet

    I need to find a fellow NC woodworker who can carve ball claw feet for a coffee table that I made for my living room. I'm willing to pay reasonable amount for your work. I can sand and finish the feet myself; but need someone to do carving. I am located in Raleigh area and willing to drive up to...
  2. cyclopentadiene

    Ball and Claw Foot on Cabriole leg

    I have been asked to build a Queen Anne style table that has cabriole legs with ball and claw feet. see drawing in maloof side chair completed thread. There was a recent article in one of the woodworking magazines for which I subscribe that describes how to carve the foot and it appears...
  3. New York corner chair

    New York corner chair

    Copy of a chair in the Garvin Collection

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