1. China Hutch

    China Hutch

    China Hutch
  2. P

    Russian or China handsaws

    Does anyone have any information or sources of information related to handsaws made in Russia or China? Thanks for our time
  3. Hutch - Final 2

    Hutch - Final 2

  4. Hutch - Final 1

    Hutch - Final 1

  5. CDPeters

    Help! Wood and technique for China Cabinet

    OK Folks, I have my next major project assignment from LOML! She wants a china cabinet to go along with a buffet that has been in her family. Now I know asking for a wood identification by photos of questionable quality over the internet is a stretch, but what the heck - never know unless you...
  6. TracyP

    And another from China Google lists him as a spammer!!!!!!!!
  7. sapwood

    NCWWer Lunch at China 35 in Cary - March 2008

    As promised, lots o' pix of NCWWers talking, eating, and greeting :D Figured I'd make it a test . . . sharpen your pencils and brains :tinysmile_hmm_t: Below is a list of folks whose names I remember. Please fill in the blanks for the ones I forgot or did not get a chance to meet. Abarnhart...
  8. Nativespec

    Power Tools From China

    I bought a Hitachi SB10Y from Lowes. It's got a 4" belt and 8" disk sander and it looked better than the Delta, also from China, with the 1" belt and they were both $130 (the Hitachi was reduced $20). I have plenty of nice sanders but I got this one for small parts and possibly for sharpening...
  9. froglips

    Drill hole in china plate.....

    Ok, this has me stumped. I'm trying to drill a small hole in a china saucer for a teacup. The end result is to attach it to a pole and make a mini bird bath (my mothers plan). I've ruined 3 kinds of drill bits at various speeds and barely scratched it. Or, the saucer shatters...
  10. Kdub

    Greetings from the Grove (China Grove)

    just wanted to introduce myself to the forum, i'm in my mid-twenties and my profession is horticulture. i'm working on setting up a dedicated woodworking space in one corner of my dad's shop as opposed to being spread out over his basement and shop. i started with furniture and cabinet making...
  11. C

    China Woody Here

    Very happy to become a part of the NC Woodworking community. I am a business guy who always wanted to be a wood guy. I retired three years ago, after spending 33 years with IBM. To ease into retirement, my wife and I spent the following three years in mainland China, teaching English in Chinese...
  12. T

    China Board for built-in lockers????

    I plan on building painted lockers for the laundry room that will have a seat at the bottom to put on shoes and act as a platform to reach cubies higher up. The bench will take abuse from foot traffic as it acts as a foot stool as well as a seat. I hear that China board is good stuff but I want...
  13. M

    China hutch (finished)

    You may remember me asking about this.... Well I started with my representation of it. I had to alter it's original diminsions to fit my spot, but I hope I have kept the overall look of the piece. It's still a work in progress, but here is where I'm at. As usual please look past my paltry...

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