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    Christmas presents for grandson
  2. 13ABEF8D-D037-45B1-A669-7872CD967E46


    Christmas presents for grandson
  3. Checker Board Toy Box Top

    Checker Board Toy Box Top

    Inlay Cherry and Walnut Checker board top for a wooden toy box. Matching checkers are made out of Cherry and Walnut.
  4. Toy Box

    Toy Box

    Toy Box with an inlay Cherry/Walnut checker board. Toy Box frame is made of Cherry, body is made of Maple and accents are made of Walnut.
  5. froglips

    DQ Checker....

    Me again.... While helping someone chase down their missing DQ status, I ended up stealing Steve's code to determine DQ status. Would there be interest in taking this code and making it into some sort of tool? We could use it to let people check their own status or we could use it to...
  6. Jon

    My Allergy Checker Board

    Well it appears I might be allergic to Walnut so this migt be my only Walnut project. My Dad Loves Chess and Ckeckers, so I made this for his Birthday.

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