1. W

    Four Sided Chamfer tabletop Panel

    First off I’m not sure how better to explain what I am trying to explain besides the current title - so my apologies in advance. I was watching a YouTube video and saw a design which I haven’t seen before. The A Glimpse Inside channel created a coffee table for March of Dimes but chamfered every...
  2. Bas

    Chamfer accident - now how do I fix it?

    Don't you just love how a 5 second mistake can wipe out weeks of work? :BangHead: :BangHead: :BangHead: I'm building the "dancing clock" from some plans from Wood Magazine. The edges on the front of the body get a small chamfer (1/8"). Unfortunately, I also routed a chamfer on the face which I...
  3. WoodWrangler

    Workbench Chamfer Edge?

    I'm building a bench ( and was thinking of putting a small 45 degree chamfer on the edge of the top as it is currently pretty sharp and probably prone to dings & such. Before I do that though ... I...
  4. J

    Chamfer plane gets fixed

    So I picked up this really nice chamfer plane. Had a few issues. First, the box is too tight. Next, the blade is missing. Didn't seem like showstoppers to me. First up was to remove the stuck box. That took about 10 minutes of careful work. I was able to use soft pine as a punch and tease it...

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