1. shop bath cabinet

    shop bath cabinet

    shop bath cabinet
  2. Oak Bath Ensamble

    Oak Bath Ensamble

    Vanity, Med Cab and wall cab
  3. Tarhead

    Source for 1970's Era Bath Tile?

    My Mom used the towel rod in her bathroom by the toilet as a grab bar and snapped it in two. While my Dad was trying to wedge a replacement rod into the ceramic holders, one of them popped loose and crashed to the floor cracking into about 20 pieces. The bathroom is a lovely 1972 light...
  4. S

    wood for sale in Bath, NC

  5. 02blues

    day one potato bath for Rust removal...

    OK Guys. Thanks to your advice I am going to try the potato bath experiment. Spud preperations were made today and the brew placed outside..(thanks Jim). Photos to follow in 2 weeks! This spuds for you!:gar-Bi
  6. T

    Bath Vanity OOPS!!

    Well not to bad. I must be not thinking straight because I have had shop time 4 of the last 5 days. I don't think I have ever had that before. The first picture shows the stiles cut a little short. I dropped an inch off my measurements from the tape measure to the paper:BangHead: . Oh well...
  7. G

    Finished bath cabinet for Easter present

    Here is the finished project that i did for my wife for Easter. The finish is Minwax "Classic Oak" and 2 coats of wipe on poly.

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