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  3. J

    Where to find froe, adz, hatchet, and axe?

    Hi there, I am brand new to woodworking and have been reading Roy Underhill's first book. I am very interested in working wood with only hand tools. The only tools I have are a drawknife (from my grandfather) and an axe from lowes. I live in Columbia, SC and have been visiting every antique...
  4. PeteM

    Axe Making Kit . .. .. and an awesome holster to tote it around p
  5. froglips

    Finish Video on making and fitting an axe handle

    Our friend is back! We've seen some of these videos from a Finish archive. This one is quite interesting, to me at least :-) Found this on the Village Carpenter Blog 10:30-12:13: using a bow saw...
  6. froglips

    Found an Axe, worth the cash?

    In an undisclosed location, I found what I suspect to be a good broad hewing hatchet? Its a right hand (flat face on left), about 12" edge. No serious pitting. Can't find evidence of abuse or cracking. Lastly, if I rap the edge, it rings quite nice. I have learned about the dull...
  7. S


    Does anyone on this forum own the VIPUKIRVES axe?
  8. Mike Davis

    Tidy up an axe

    Froglips asked about reworking an ax. I asked my friend in England if I can borrow his extremely well written post on a board over there on the subject. A good friend he is, so here is his post. There is also one on sharpening I will try to find.
  9. froglips

    Axe users?

    I've been playing more with a few poor axes. The kind you'd get at KMart in a camping kit :-) Are folks using hewing hatchets? Broad axes? Felling axes? I ask, as I'm unsure where to go with this. Since I don't work in green wood, I'm not sure I'd gain much by investing in a good axe...
  10. LeftyTom

    Old Adze, Froe, Plane, Axe, Hatchet

    Franklinville NC, not mine nor anyone I know.

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