1. mshel

    Performax / Jet 22-44

    A friend of mine is looking for a used 22-44 sander. If anyone has or knows of one for sale, please send me a pm. thanks, Mike
  2. C

    Lower Price on Performax 22-44

    FYI... In an effort to free up shop space I have lowered the price on my Performax 22-44 to $700 Thanks, Chris
  3. D

    Jet 22-44 Plus Sander $1099 with free shipping

    I've been lusting over a drum sander since seeing Bas' Jet in action. CPO Tools has the 22-44 Plus on sale, normally 1399, for 1099 with free shipping. I just pulled the trigger, via an eBay auction (their website didn't want to process the sale price, although it showed it on sale).
  4. timf67

    HELP - No Room at the Inn... (Performax 22-44)

    Hey charlotte folks, I am close to closing a deal on a performax 22-44 drum sander, but my shop is still in storage mode during our home renovations. Is there anyone in charlotte who has extra shop space to store this beast if I get it? I would need you to store it for up to 3 months, and I...
  5. Ken Massingale

    Performax 22-44 $850, G'ville SC CL

    http://greenville.craigslist.org/tls/1306272944.html He also has a Jet 15" planer for $650. Performax 22/44 Drum sander with stand and extra paper excellent condition $850.00 also JET 15" planer stationary floor model with brand new knives $650.00.E-mail serious inquiries to...
  6. timf67

    Performax 22-44 Plus Drum Sander CLT CL

    I don't really want to post this, 'cause I want it for myself :gar-Bi but I am about 2 months away from having room for it in my shop so I thought I would let someone else take a shot at it too. http://charlotte.craigslist.org/tls/1306730278.html P.S. - if someone here does get it, I would...
  7. Douglas Robinson

    Jet 22-44 inch Drum Sander - Raleigh CL

    Jet 22-44 inch Drum Sander with solid base - $900 Professional drum sander with solid enclosed base that provides storage for your sanding supplies. True 1 3/4 horse motor with adjustable rate feed motor. Not being used in my shop and was use for very few projects. Like new. Some unused quick...
  8. T

    Performax 22-44 Drum Sander $700 shipped

    Taken from another forum. http://www.hechinger.com//web/catalo...aspx?pid=71431 The model on sale is the 649004k. They also have the 16/32-inch model on sale for $574 shipped. Also a steal.
  9. mshel

    Performax 22-44 conveyor belt

    Anyone know who has the best price on a replacement conveyor belt for a 22-44? Mine is on it's last leg and needs replacing soooon. Mike
  10. mshel

    Performax 22-44 conveyor belt

    Anyone know where I could get a rubberized replacement conveyor belt for the performax? Might as well bite the bullet and get one rather than continually replace the regular type belts. Since I don't use it regularly, the belt has a tendency to take a set and with the problem of the seams...

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