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King platform bed design part I - 2016 - SketchUp 2019-04-16

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This unique design incorporates 4 large drawers, 2 small doors for storage under the head area of the platform, 1 hidden door to access under the center of the bed, a blanket chest, headboard with floating nightstands, and optional upper book shelves. There's a separate SketchUp file that includes the cut list. In the end I went with 12ft rough cedar boards as they were already surfaced on 3 sides so the cut list is not exactly what I used but would work. Where it says "barnwood" on the cut list file I used cedar due to cost. I'll not attach it here but I converted the cut list into an Excel spreadsheet version of the cut list for easier use in the shop for breaking down the parts & pricing everything out. The cut list SketchUp file was more used for assembly & cutting the dado's, rabbets, etc...Due to time on hand I did not elect to do any fancy joinery like dovetails, dados or rabbeted drawer joints but rather just relied on lots of pocket screws hidden under the drawer faces & behind the back of the drawers. Same goes for the headboard and nightstand & shelf planks, these all were assembled using pocket holes rather than tongue n groove or ship lap joints due to available time.

I'd also like to know if you find any areas of the design that would be better in your mind (other than the obvious joinery mentioned above).

Disclaimers: this was my first attempt at using SketchUp so the design errors you'll see in some places if using the tape measure tool will show fractions in the 32nd's & 64th's on an inch but in reality these are round to the nearest logical dimension (i.e. 1/8, or whole number) so just be aware of these minor errors. I am supplying this on good faith that no one will try to steal the design for marketing a product as their own but would give just credit to the design author if making a product to sell from this basic design.

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