WTB: Older Bessey Parallel Clamps & 3/4” pipe clamps

Phillip Mitchell

Need more clamps; who doesn’t, right?

I don’t like the new REVO Bessey clamps much and really prefer the older style (all red, little bit lighter weight, wooden handle)

Open to any lengths 24” and up.

Also in search of serviceable older Pony / Jorgenson 3/4” pipe clamps with or without black pipe attached.

I’m near Boone, but willing to drive a bit at some point for the right situation.

Email me at phillip@stillwaterwoodworks.com or call/text me at 828-964-7105 with interest.


Corporate Member
Can you expand on the preferences, what do you find positive about the old and what are the failings of the new ?

Phillip Mitchell

I don’t like the way you have to tilt the handle on the new style to get the clamp to bite. Sometimes it works fine and is no issue and sometimes it doesn’t...often times this is in the middle of a time sensitive glue up and speed, flow, clamp placement, etc are critical and I find myself struggling with an unnecessarily complicated handle mechanism. There have been words exchanged between the clamps and I and they refuse to change.

I also like that the older ones are a little bit lighter or at least they seem that way and aren’t as cumbersome to move around and put in positions other than flat on a table, which sometimes is a need. The old ones are just a little bit flatter/sleeker in the plastic area which means they don’t catch on as much stuff when moving and sliding them around.

The new ones are probably stronger (?) but the old ones have always been more than good enough for me.

I got a set of (2) 24” and (2) 40” REVO, new style several years ago and use them because I have them but apprenticed in a shop that has the old style and always have been used to them and looking for them used, but rarely see them.

Phillip Mitchell

Bumping this back to the top. Still looking.

Found some cool old Hargrave bar clamps and pipe clamps from a member here (thanks Frank!), but no older Bessey’s yet. Just missed a set of 4 31” on FB marketplace for $100 the other day...was too far of drive for me mid week.

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