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If the width isn't as important as the thickness, Klingspor's carries something that might work: Olson Skip Tooth Scroll #45300 12pk

I also found a website that is possibly Olson's official site. They have a blade that's closer in size with a different TPI (FR410DZ in the menu), but I can't find it for sale anywhere other than this site: Skip Tooth Blades 5″ long | Scroll Saw Blades
Thanks - I don't know why I didn't think of Klingspor's.
I'll take a ride out there tomorrow unless Ian gets really nasty.


Here are a few more options :


bob vaughan

Bob Vaughan
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For decades I've been using the Olson 409 for thicker wood. Its not so hot for 1/4" plywood but I rarely do 1/4" plywood.

1       ssblades - 1.jpg

1-1/2" thick cherry. I get a nice smooth cut.
1       ssblades - 2.jpg

Here's the specs. Olson has gone to what amounts to cut off band saw blades so the area that fits into the chuck will have teeth with a set. A few minutes with a hammer on a flat surface will fix that. This model used to have a nice flat that was much easier to grip with the chuck jaws.


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@woodworkingshop.com (Klingspor) sells Pegas blades - I think I have gotten all mine from there...
I a SO cheap, I intended to buy them on line, but it is really nice to go into a brick and morter store and look, touch, ask questions and buy a product while it is on your mind!

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