PRICE SLASHED!!!! Brand New Freud Dial-a-Width (SD 608) Dado Set


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I purchased this dado set several month back, but never needed it until today. I own a SawStop Cabinet Saw and unfortunately this particular set does not work on SawStop saws (arbor is too short). As I recall, I paid $240 for the set and would be willing to part with it for $200 $175 $150!
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I purchased one of these sets years ago and had the same problem. I went around and looked at various table saws from several manufacturers and none worked. I wound up calling Freud and they finally sent me a modification kit but the dial a width feature doesn’t work, it’s just a stacked set.
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Frank C
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I've been using the SD608 on my Sawstop saw. For narrower dadoes I use the Sawstop washer and nut. For wider dadoes I leave off the washer and use a big flat washer in place of it. Works fine.
Yes I know Sawstop doesn't recommend it but never the less,it works fine for me. Just did 18 drawers with finger joints using it and no issues at all.

Ed Fasano

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For the record, and perhaps assist your effort to sell this dado set...
I use a Freud Dial-a-Width (SD 608) Dado Set and could not be more impressed. Clean edges and very flat bottoms. The ability to fine-tune without the hassle of shims functions very well.
HOWEVER... My background is marketing and sales and in my view, Freud made and makes a huge mistake with this product. Using "Dial-a-Width" in its name was a colossal blunder. I contend that most woodworkers associate this phrase with the dreaded dial-type wobble dado, which simply isn't the case. As such, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of otherwise interested folks dismiss it.
In any case, this is a first-rate product!! Too bad that Saw Stop compatibility is an issue for the original purchaser.
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I agree with Ed about the functionally of the SD 608. It's a shame to bought it and not be able to us it. That said I have a UniSaw which for standard blades has a arbor nut with a washer that is about 3" in diameter which mates with washer on arbor. The nut and washer is about 1" thick. They also have a nut without a washer for stacked dado sets which is about 1/2" thick
. Unless Sawstop require a nut washer because of its blade stopping feature I don't think you need a washer. I used my SD 608 on a Delta contractors saw for years with its skimpy arbor nut. I may be wrong but I think the washer is only on the arbor nut to prevent distortions with thinner blades as the nut tightens when cutting.
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