Ladies day workshop at Phil's Oct 9 - Only one spot left

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This workshop is for the ladies. Jim Creaseman will be teaching the process to create Federal-style inlay fans. Jim's documented process can be found at our sister (.com) site under the learning tab - Press home to go there.
We can handle six students (husbands are welcome to come and sit quietly). Each student will receive a template, glue-up clamp and quality #7 sweep chisel. Students should complete one fan and have parts for more.
Lunch will be a light salad, twice-baked goat cheese souffle and a overly rich chocolate dessert.
Cost of the workshop will be $30 to cover the chisel and shop supplies

Sign-up here:
1. Adele
2. Berta
3. Jim's guest
4. Lee
5. Marnie
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Not to be confused with my husband Ed, because we share this log-on and email address... I, LEE, would like to attend this workshop please.

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