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Took a trip to Mebane today with the LOML and perused all the clothing stores, kitchen stores, shoe stores, and candle stores before we got to Direct Tools. Turns out they were having a pretty good sale and since the little woman was feeling a little guilty about me carrying around all her great deals, I was able to pick up a new toy.

I don't really find the need to use a surface planer that often, but as you know, when you need the right tool, nothing else will do. Being a woodworking hobbyist and not a professional furniture maker, I didn't want to spend a ton on a planer, so I picked up a Ryobi 13" bench top planer. I know, not the best planer on the market, but budgets being what they are.....

Anyway, Direct Tools is having a sale this weekend only. If you spend $125 you get $25 off; if you spend $175, you get $50 off, and if you spend $225, you get $75 off. The planer was priced at $229, so I got it for $154. Not bad.

The other deal that Tanger is having this weekend is related to breast cancer awareness. For $1 you can buy a 25% discount card that most stores honor. For $5 you can buy a 30% discount card and you are automatically entered into a raffle. (The donation stays local, which I really like :wsmile:) Direct Tools honors both cards. The $75 off the planer turned out to be a better deal, but if you were spending much less or much more, then the 25% or 30% off could be a better deal...and the folks there are really nice.
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