Curious, who makes what


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There are some sites that show who OWNES which brands, but figuring out who MAKES which tools is a bit harder.
It really does not matter, as it is the brand responsible for the quality and service, but I am curious.

Big boys, Geeetech, Harvey, East Field, Qingdaog, TTI, etc. but it gets messy. For instance, who makes the parts? I found several companies who make drill press tables. Not just the foundry, but finished as OEM to DP OEMs. Of the many OEMs and even more brands, it still looks like head castings come from only two sources. It looks like several companies make the identical rip-off of classic machines. Jointers for instance.

Even brands which are still independent, hard to tell what they make. I think Hilti, Makita, and Fein actually make their own tools. It does not look like TTI or Chevron actually make all the tools in their brands. Not sure JPW actually manufactures anything. Chang Type makes many of the tools for TTI and SBD as well as Delta. Koki seems to actually make their Metabo brand tools. One may think the OEM makes the brand's design, but that does not seem to be true. Many tools seem like basic OEM designs with small changes for brand distinction and price point. I think SCM ( Minimax) makes their own. Felder most I think.

Of course, WEB reviewers don't always do their homework. For instance, one was comparing Ridgid plumbing tools, still the old Ridgid pro tools, in the same breath as their licensing the Ridgid name to TII for power tools.

The other thing that becomes apparent, is the US market seems to be fixed on a few classic basic designs, where very different designs for the same function are sold elsewhere.

I am surprised how many brand name companies are actually US headquartered. Many Taiwan but all mainland manufactured. A few have plants in N.A.

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