2021 Annual Picnic


Unfortunately, I do not think it will be safe even by then. Gad I wish it would be so. No WW gatherings this year, and no British car shows, no audio gatherings, and we are canceling the holidays completely. We are at war. The bullets and bombs are inviable and indiscriminate. Only we ourselves are fighting it rather than an army. Unfortunately too many are not. The term "sociopath" comes to mind far too often. It is the collective "you" that have control, not faith.

Just do a reality check. First we have to have a vaccine that works. Looks promising. Many of us are old farts and may be in the second tier. Then we have to get it to 350 million lower risk Americans. Not too hard, but probably will take two years. It will then need to die down in the population. Give that another 6 months after everyone who can be is vaccinated. Now, that leaves 7 BILLION people in the rest of the world. A great many are never going to get help without room-temperature vaccines of which we have none I am aware of. Folks, it is not going away soon. This may seem like a harsh comment, but if we are not realistic, it will take longer. Only our short term actions can keep enough of the economy going so we can survive. It is my live and that of my loved ones at stake. Facts, not wishful thinking. Facts and actions, not faith.

So Neal, make some plans, but delay as much as you can on any expenditures.


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The reservation is refundable if we cancel. We hope we don't have to.


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The date is marked on my calendar. I would give anything for the picnic to happen as I really miss seeing everyone, not only at the picnic but at outreach events and other supporting events. However, I reluctantly agree with tvrgeek that things might not be ready for gatherings like our picnic by May. If it looks like it will be safe, however, I'm there!!

Barry W

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Yeah, Neal! Let's hope the new vaccine has helped obliterate this horrible plague by the scheduled date. Perhaps it will at least lessen the severity/spread of Covid.

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