1. D

    Black Walnut tree

    I have a black walnut tre i want gone is anyone interested. Glenn
  2. bluedawg76

    walnut, maple. cherry coffee table

    Here's my new coffee table -walnut, wormy maple and cherry. There were several firsts on this table including the breadboard ends and the curved legs. The finish for the top is blo, followed by wipe-on poly. For the legs and apron I used garnet shellac and wipe-on poly. The shellac looked...
  3. For mama's kitchen

    For mama's kitchen

    Walnut Grinding Mill
  4. D

    Black Walnut Tree DOWN advice wanted

    Today a friend of mine called and stated one of his large Black Walnuts fell during IRENE. . . He has a horse farm and it is blocking one of the gates and needs it gone and has offered it up to me if I can move it. I have a friend who has a saw mill, tree cutting business to include trucks...
  5. White Oak and Walnut

    White Oak and Walnut

    Vase of White Oak and Walnut
  6. walnut lumber

    walnut lumber

    4/4 walnut lumber also have some live edege 8/4 & 12/4
  7. J

    project complete: cherry walnut and cherry end table

    well, I've managed to complete another project. This one I am entirely thrilled with. First things first. The story. a couple weeks ago I helped a good friend move out of college into a place of his own. During this process it became painfully obvious how little furniture he had. (most of...
  8. H

    Walnut Quarantine

    Because of out proximity to the affected area I thought this would be relevent information. http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/news/releases-b/072111tcd.shtml
  9. JackLeg

    Walnut Wanted

    I have a friend and fellow woodworker in Delaware who is looking for a quantity of rough sawn walnut lumber. Most any thickness is OK, but he'd like some 6/4 or 8/4 stuff if possible. He'll take most any quantity over 500 bf (to make the trip worthwhile) and 1000 bf would be even better...
  10. Mike Davis

    PE request from Durham to G'boro or Walnut Cove

    Sawduster has a window screen for me in Durham very close to I-40. If someone is headed this way could you bring it for me please?
  11. Rocky Top Coffee Table prototype

    Rocky Top Coffee Table prototype

    Top view of the prototype table, assembled but unfinished. Top and legs are QSWO, stretchers shelf are black walnut.
  12. Rocky Top Coffee Table prototype

    Rocky Top Coffee Table prototype

    End view of the prototype table, assembled but unfinished. Top and legs are QSWO, stretchers shelf are black walnut.
  13. Uneekarts

    Need help determining value of my walnut and cedar

    I hope this is the correct place to ask. I have 4 planks of walnut about 6 to 7 inches wide, 3/4 thick and 6 to 7 feet long. All 4 are nice grain and color. My brother passed away a couple months ago and he has a shed of (a guess) 50 or so planks of rough cut cedar of various widths and...
  14. DanR

    Free Walnut Trees

    http://raleigh.craigslist.org/zip/2442561141.html free mature walnut trees about 14" diameter. You cut and haul away . Serious inquiry only. Bring your tools and truck when you are coming. If interested, please include your name, contact number and available schedule.
  15. J

    Some nice walnut at Hardwood Store

    Just an FYI if you in the market for some walnut. I was at the Hardwood Store in Gibsonville on Saturday and they have some pretty nice 4/4 and 5/4 walnut right now. Nice color, not much sapwood and fairly good widths. Better selection than you often see these days, IMO. It is mostly s2s at...
  16. Mike Camp

    Gluing Walnut to Latex Painted Plywood

    I've got some walnut circles (3" diameter) I'm going to glue to a freshly painted (latex) piece of plywood. I assume normal wood glue won't work well, unless I sand the paint off the area I am going to glue. If I decide not to sand it, should I just use gorilla glue or contact cement or would...
  17. small box

    small box

    small maple and walnut box
  18. H

    Walnut log

    This log is 19" in diameter, 90" long, and 31" across the arms. It is in perfect condition and should have spectacular grain patterns across the crotch. Scribner calulator estimates 110 board feet of useable lumber although the real value of the log is the grain patterns the crotch will produce...
  19. L

    Black Walnut

    My dad gave me some black walnut that was cut probably 30 years ago. It is blocks and half rounds 10"-15" wide and about 2-3 foot in length. The ends were never sealed. I have been working on milling it to 1" boards so I can use it. My ? is, do I need to stack and sticker it or or do you...
  20. danmart77

    Walnut rifle stock with a chair

    View image in gallery Here's a half stock 50cal rifle. The barrel is a tapered piece so the octagon is 15/16 at the breech plug and just under 7/8 at muzzle. Its a little tricky to set up the barrel channel. The mounts on this one are "iron" like most of the early hawken rifles. This rifle...

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