1. ScottM

    Shout out for The Hardwood Store

    Just before Irene arrived I made a trip to The Hardwood Store. Cheryl had gotten me some great looking 1/8" Oak plywood. Great stuff for scrolling. Better yet at a super price. I got two sheets(4x8) and two sheets of Baltic Birch(5x5). I also loaded up on some maple "shorts". If you have...
  2. ScottM

    McFeely's shout out

    Order late yesterday morning (Thursday). Rec'd shipping confirm this morning (Friday) at 10:30. UPS dropped at my door at 2:00 PM today (Friday). So roughly 24 hours from order to door. Sure can't beat that for service.
  3. JohnW

    Shout out to Klingspor's

    Since I live a couple miles from the local Woodcraft, most of my ww shopping is done there. But last week I HAD TO HAVE a few things to finish up some Christmas present projects and my local store was out of stock. So I drove across town and stopped in Klingspor's. What a nice experience...
  4. R

    A shout out to Ivey

    Had the chance and privilege to meet Ivey over the Thanksgiving weekend and bought some beautiful cypress from him. No matter if you live in his area or not...give him a try. He is an absolute professional and a fair businessman. Thanks Ivey! I look forward to visiting you again in the near...
  5. SteveColes

    Shout Box is Gone

    Sorry, our Shout box (or Whisper Box for insomniac:lol: ) has been taken off line and will not return in its present form. The system was placing an unbelievable amount of Database requests, effecting every site on this particular server. There may some alternatives. I'll research that.
  6. SteveColes

    New feature - Shout Box

    I've added a Shout box to left of the page. Not sure if we'll keep it. Depends on usage and/or complaints or usefulness. BTW, in no way, is this a replacement for Chat of normal posts.

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