1. DanR

    Manual for Rockwell 28-140 10" bandsaw, or some knowledge, needed

    Hi Folks, I bought an old (1983) Rockwell Model 10 28-140 bandsaw yesterday. I am trying to figure out the widest blade that can be used on it, but I have no manual. I see in the manuals for other 10" bandsaws that up to 3/4" wide can be used. The wheels that the blade rides on are 1" wide...
  2. gator

    Seeking Air Compressor Knowledge

    I have an older version (4-5 years old) of this HF compressor (3HP, 21 gal, oil lubed) Walked out in the back yard yesterday morning and heard the compressor running in the shop. Went out and it...
  3. Douglas Robinson

    Knowledge base

    Scott Smith and I were talking at lunch today and thought it would be helpful, especially in view of our recent growth in membership, to have a list of people that others thought were very knowledgeable in various areas of woodworking. For example: With regard to identifying wood species...

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