1. M

    how to harvest my fruit wood?

    I have some trees which sould make nice lumber, an old pecan, plum, pear, walnut, etc, but don't know how to go about it. Do I cut them, take them directly to a sawmill? Or store until dry? How long? Under what conditions? Thanks for any info.
  2. Magnolia Bowl w/Turned Fruit

    Magnolia Bowl w/Turned Fruit

  3. Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    White Oak bowl from a 250 year old, storm damaged Sampson County tree. Banana is NC Maple, Pear is Spalted White Oak, Grapes and Apples from NC Cedar.
  4. Fruit Bowl

    Fruit Bowl

    A White Oak bowl from a 250 year old Sampson County, storm damaged tree. Apples and Grapes from North Carolina Eastern Red Cedar, Banana from NC Maple, Pear from NC Spalted White Oak.
  5. Fruit 2

    Fruit 2

    Oak Bowl with Handmade Fruit
  6. Fruit 1

    Fruit 1

    Oak Bowl with Handmade Fruit
  7. U

    native fruit tree

    I am planning before the end of the year to plant some fruit trees. My intent would be to use native trees to NC; I would prefer not using hybrid trees. Does anybody have suggestion on nurseries that may be able to supply native tree?
  8. PChristy

    Fruit anyone?

    LOML seen this today and said that she would really like to have one for the kitchen - so I took that as a hint:wink_smil and got me some shop time today:icon_thum I stacked cut 3 pices-1/4 and I put 8 pices of white card stock - four pices in between the 1/4's and here is what I had at the end...

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