drum sander

  1. Reference Handiwork

    Drum Sander Opinions

    Hey friends, I'm a Winston Salem based hobby woodworker hoping to buy a drum sander someday soon. I do a lot of cutting boards and similar glue-ups. I have a small shop but am dead set on getting larger space someday in the next couple of years. I'm open to both used and new machines and have...
  2. A

    Looking to rent time on a drum sander - Winston-Salem area

    Hi folks - I am looking for a shop in the Winston-Salem/Lexington area that has a drum sander they might allow me to run a piece through. I built an end grain cutting board as a gift and after a couple hours sanding it with an orbital sander, I give up haha Do you know of anyone who would let...
  3. N

    Full Shop sale

    I live in Cary, NC and am liquidating my shop. Moving and change in life circumstances. All listed tools are less than 1.5 years old and have not seen heavy use. I was making furniture for friends/family mainly. If you're interested in anything, please send me a message. Not everything is...
  4. BKHam

    Feed Belt Tracking on Drum Sander

    i have a performax 16-32 i bought used recently. a real good deal but it needs a little tuning. you can see on the right side of the brand new feed belt, it tracks toward the motor side where it gets bunched and wears out that side. the provided tracking adjustments don't seem to get the job...
  5. Gotcha6

    Now why didn't I think of this?

    From the Instructables website, a drum sander adapted to run on a lathe, probably expandable too! http://www.instructables.com/id/Lathe-Drum-Sander/?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email
  6. jonnyfontaine

    New tool gloat

    So I finally bought a supermax 19-38 sander and couldn't be happier. It's amazing machine and very easy to set up and with guitar work is invaluable. I can't recommend to drum sander anymore it seems head and shoulders about their competitors and I you can afford and are looking for a drum...
  7. jonnyfontaine

    I know this is a crazy question

    But if alway one is considering selling a supermax 19-34 drum sander please contact me I love it's a great to but if anyone is upgaring please let me know. Thank you so much , Jonny
  8. Ed Fasano

    CL / 24" Flatmaster V-Drum Sander

    Albeit a bit pricey and sold without a motor, I was impressed with the demo of the 24” Flatmaster drum sander at WIA. Poking around the interweb afterwards, I found a near-new 24” model, with a 3/4hp motor, 2 optional fences with feather wheels and a nice shop-made wheeled cart for $375.00...
  9. NCGrimbo

    Open ended drum sanders.

    I've got a question for those of you that have a drum sander where one side is open. How many of you have run a board wider than the drum size and how did it turn out? For example, running a 20" board through a Jet 16-32 drum sander. Also, have you had any issues with the feeder and the drum...

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