1. Timmy

    Scrap Wood Project- Coffin Candy Dish

    If you have the day off today, or even 2 hours after work, you can easily build a small coffin candy dish and use up some of the scraps in your shop. This has an easy to remove top and is just the right size at 15" long by 6" at its widest point. Also, no need to measure angles as I show you how...
  2. CrealBilly

    Coffin angles

    Hi guys I'm looking for the angles on an old style coffin, like this one. Thanks
  3. tjgreen

    advice on coffin smoother planes?

    I recently came across some wooden coffin smoothers for sale. I know nothing about wooden planes except that Roy uses them. I've only seen a bad picture so I couldn't tell you who made them or whether they're valuable, but I doubt it - the guy is offering 6 of them for around $25. I'm not a...

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