1. Mark Stewart

    If you sell stuff what to do with cash?

    Not that I am selling anything these days but if you did what do you do with the cash, I have decided to (shhhh its a secret from my wife) take the money if I sell something and place it into an account. I have decided to take a pilgrimage to "burning Man" Its a festivall in the AZ desert this...
  2. froglips

    Found an Axe, worth the cash?

    In an undisclosed location, I found what I suspect to be a good broad hewing hatchet? Its a right hand (flat face on left), about 12" edge. No serious pitting. Can't find evidence of abuse or cracking. Lastly, if I rap the edge, it rings quite nice. I have learned about the dull...
  3. cubicdissection

    Juried Competition - Cash and tool prizes!!

    Hey guys, Well, it's my pleasure to announce the: 1st prize: $500 Cash, an Incra LS Positioner System, as well as a possible invitation to become a member artist! 2nd Prize: $200 Cash and an Incra Build It System Starter Kit Package More details are available here...
  4. J

    Finished Cash Wrap

    Here are some pictures of the completed cash wrap I built for a guy's new store. Super special kudos to Dave O for the advice, help, and encouragement:eusa_clap and the hands on instruction for installing the European hinges.:icon_thum
  5. J

    Need help building a Cash Wrap-Pic Attached

    I have built a few simple items for a gentleman and he has asked me to build a cash wrap for him. It could me made out of birch plywood and hardwood for the trim, drawers,etc. I am a little concerned this may be out of my league (particularly the drawers and overall layout) so I am wondering if...

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